Exchange of faucet

mizu_suidou_stop Are you having trouble with leaking faucets? If the faucet is about 5 years after purchase, it can be repaired, but let's replace the leaked faucet that has been in use for more than 10 years instead of repairing it! !

Since we also have inventory, we will respond quickly. Of course, we can also replace faucets purchased by customers. Please feel free to contact us.

Exchange of faucet

Work contents 料金(出張料+技術料+消費税) Memo
Replacing and installing mixed faucets 11,000 yen Including waste disposal
Replacing and installing a single faucet 8,000 yen Including waste disposal

It is cheap because it is direct construction with close contact
Recommended "Construction cost comic set" plan example

● Kitchen single lever mixer tap
TOTO TKS05301J コミコミ価格  27,000円(税込)
(Includes installation work)

● Bathroom shower faucet with wall (thermostad type)
TOTO TBV03401J コミコミ価格 28,000円(税込)
(Includes installation work)

We handle other types of faucets. Please feel free to contact us.

Other costs

  • 夜間料金 18:00以降のご依頼 5,000円
  • Coin parking fee


  • Cash payment → After the work is completed, pay to the worker.
  • Credit card payment → VISA, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, Diners Club, Discover
  • Electronic money → Edy, Suica, Pasmo, nanaco, WAON, etc.