Electric work for IH built-in stove and IH stove

ih_konro IH cooking heater replacement available. In addition, please leave us to replace the built-in gas stove with an IH cooking heater. Because we have both electric and gas qualifications and approvals, we can provide quick and high-quality construction. We also accept installation and installation work of products purchased by customers. Please feel free to contact us.

安心の工事保証 3年です!!

IH cooking heater replacement

Range food construction is also available at the same time.



Work contents 料金(出張料+技術料+消費税) Memo
IH cooking heater replacement (built-in 2/3) 15,000 yen


Replacement of IH cooking heater (1 built-in) Electric stove (1 built-in) 12,000 yen  


  • Remaining material disposal costs are included in the price.

Optional work / electric work

Work contents 料金(出張料+技術料+消費税) Memo
Dedicated circuit for IH stove (electric work) 55,000円~ A field survey is required in advance. Includes construction costs, 30A breaker, and dedicated wire (up to 10m). Work at height, wire extension, PF pipe work, mall work, ground work are separate
Gas stopper closure 4,000 yen This is necessary when replacing from a gas stove. There is no need to request a separate gas company.
Survey / Estimation 5,000 yen Business trip estimates for repeaters who have been requested to our company for the second time or later, Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama, and some surrounding areas are free. For customers who have paid estimates, we will discount 5,000 yen from the estimated amount at the time of accounting.

Other costs

  • 夜間料金 18:00以降のご依頼 5,000円
  • Coin parking fee


  • Cash payment → After the work is completed, pay to the worker.
  • Credit card payment → VISA, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, Diners Club, Discover
  • Electronic money → Edy, Suica, Pasmo, nanaco, WAON, etc.